Should the CWN Return?

The Clan World Network (CWN) was a special place for the gaming community from 1998 to 2007. During that time, hundreds of thousands of gamers and teams competed in our leagues, ladders, tournaments, and special events. I am looking to bring back the CWN with all its glory. I have been asked many times what would it take to bring back the sites. I am currently in the process of looking into the reformation of the network and all the websites. Please understand this is a huge opportunity and undertaking to manage as the game industry has changed. As I ponder the future with the CWN, please keep in touch on our Clan Ladder Discussion Facebook Group Page as I look at all our options for finding capital in the future.

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Clan World Network

Clan World Network (“CWN”), was the largest directory and leading ranking service for PC gamers. CWN sites received over 6 million page views per month from over 400,000 unique visitors. is the premiere yellow pages for serious players with 490,000 player and team (“clan”) profiles, growing by 10,000 new records per month. This was double the size of the next largest player directory at the time. hosted over 500 organized ladder matches per day and large monthly bracket tournaments to rank the best video game players in the world. The audience of CWN organizes teams (“clans”), develops game extensions, creates fan sites, and participates in bulletin boards. Players have chosen to make Clan World Network the number one online property for gamers

Founded in 1998, Clan World Network has been developed by prominent figures in the gaming community. The network consists of six sites, with the largest three being,, and, was a massive bulletin board for serious players. Over 2,500 gaming and fan sites link to CWN properties, and CWT tournaments and competitions are followed closely by dozens of fan sites and game sites. The CWN will always be remembered for improving and enriching the game playing experience for gamers and clans

Clan Tourney

The Clan World Tournament was the leading tournament site on the Internet for both large and small scale tournaments in PC, Console, and Web Games. We have hosted tournaments as high as 500+ teams for team tournaments with various sizes and up to 768 players for a 1 vs. 1 Tournaments. We have hosted tournaments with all platforms and all game genres ranging from action to card and board games.


Clan League

The Clan World League was a Territorial Based Competition League with Dynamic Maps. Every League is unique, there are no two alike. Every League would have a specific number of territories and each player or clan will start with a certain number of these territories, but the actual number will vary from League to League. Each territory would be able launch an attack at any neighboring Territory. If the Attacker wins, then they take over that Territory. Once one player or clan territory has taken over every enemy territory in the league, they have officially won the League.

Clan league also hosted many seasonal based professional formatted leagues with standings and records to decide the playoff until the champion was crowned.

Clan Database

The Clan Database was a huge collective of 500,000 accounts where every team and individual must register to play in our leagues, ladders or tournaments. It was the most comprehensive database for clan information on the web. This database provided clans and players with a full biography, multiple search options, recruitment info, and more. This is the first fully functional high- powered database geared towards both avid gamers and the casual gamers looking to join a clan. recorded over 2,600,000 matches played on many different types of games.

Clan Ladder Individual Game Stats

Take a look at the large numbers of games played per ladder

These are the media kits for the Clan World Network. They highlight the opportunities, stats, demographics, and our impact on the gaming community for future sponsors and advertisers at the time.

Below is a list of some of the past sponsors, supporters, and advertisers.

  • 3dfx
  • Act Labs
  • Alienware
  • Bawls
  • Crazy PC
  • D-Link
  • Dynamix
  • Game Spy
  • Game Trust
  • Hacker Threads
  • Hypernia
  • MP3 Spy
  • Nikao
  • Nvidia
  • Sierra Games
  • Microsoft
  • Shadow Factor
  • Ubisoft
  • Wizards of the Coast
  • WON.Net
D Link / CWN Tribes Tournament
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